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Sumner Citizen's Association

  • The Sumner Citizens Association is a civic group of neighbors living in and around the Sumner area of Bethesda. It was founded in 1948, and has a charter.
  • The list of SCA officers and committees is here. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in any of these groups by emailing us.
  • An account of the history of the neighborhood is here. Please let us know if you have stories you would like to add to this page by emailing us.
  • A page with information about Montgomery County services with useful county numbers is here. Please let us know if there is other information you would like to see here by emailing us.
  • A map of the neighborhood is here.
  • Washington Post Article on Fort Sumner Neighborhood

Here’s what the SCA does and uses dues for:

  • moderate/upkeep the neighborhood listserv (helps you find a lost pet, helps you find a good plumber, helps you find someone to shovel your sidewalk, helps you find a babysitter, community news)
  • maintaining the beauty of the entrance islands and traffic circles throughout our neighborhood
  • organize the annual Halloween Party
  • organize the annual Block Party
  • maintain the SCA web site which provides useful, local information
  • maintain the neighborhood directory: a contact list of Sumner residents -- often this helps one neighbor contact another (for example, you go on vacation and you would like to ask a neighbor to take in your mail, packages, and newspaper)
  • The SCA works to capture information about government activities of interest to our neighborhood and get information out to residents to help them participate in government decision-making (this includes cut-through traffic, Westbard development, parks and conservation, and airplane noise). 
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